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Ashleigh Ayers - Web Designer
Ashleigh is our jack of all trades as she has experience as a web developer, account manager and graphic designer. She graduated from Springfield Technical Community College with an associate degree in Graphic Communications in 2016 and interned with us before joining the team full time. Her creativity and eye for design show through in all of her work, which is actually her favorite part about her job. Ashleigh dabbles in just about everything from designing websites to writing social media posts, and she has experience working with Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, and CSS. Outside of work, you can find Ashleigh spending time outdoors and going on hikes, perfecting her makeup skills, or hanging out with her cats. She is also an artist who draws whenever she finds herself with some free time. One thing you may not know about Ashleigh is that she has the digits of pi memorized to 35 places! (We told you she was a jack of all trades!)

Ashleigh Ayers

Web Designer
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